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Disclosure Date: June 14, 2021 (last updated November 10, 2022)
elFinder is an open-source file manager for web, written in JavaScript using jQuery UI. Several vulnerabilities affect elFinder 2.1.58. These vulnerabilities can allow an attacker to execute arbitrary code and commands on the server hosting the elFinder PHP connector, even with minimal configuration. The issues were patched in version 2.1.59. As a workaround, ensure the connector is not exposed without authentication.
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Last updated April 04, 2022
The Library File Manager WordPress plugin before 5.2.3 is using an outdated version of the elFinder library, which is know to be affected by security issues (CVE-2021-32682), and does not have any authorisation as well as CSRF checks in its connector AJAX action, allowing any authenticated users, such as subscriber to call it. Furthermore, as the options passed to the elFinder library does not restrict any file type, users with a role as low as subscriber can Create/Upload/Delete Arbitrary files and folders.