AttackerKB Code of Conduct

Community Rules
Be Kind to One Another

Be respectful and polite to other community members. We want to encourage participation, and help community members learn. Try to express disagreements in a respectful and constructive way. Focus on your own experiences in responses, and consider how you would receive criticism.

Report Spam or Inappropriate Content to Administrators

AttackerKB is not a place to advertise your software or business, or post unrelated or inappropriate content (e.g., NSFW content). Please report any spam or inappropriate content to our administrators at

Posting Guidelines
Provide Detailed Assessments

Not every AttackerKB user will have the same level of experience or expertise as you. Take the time to explain why you believe a vulnerability has a high or low Attacker Value. An assessment of “Patch ASAP” provides little information to other security professionals looking for guidance. They want to understand the specifics of why this vulnerability introduces a high amount of risk into their environment, or why it might be worth waiting to patch.

Don’t Just Post a Link

Feel free to share valuable blog posts, articles, and relevant news stories with the AttackerKB community, but make sure your technical assessment includes more than just a link. Add value to the link: Summarize the material, outline your biggest takeaways or learnings, explain why you agree or disagree, etc.

Give Credit

If you use information in your assessment that you received from others, site your sources. Provide the link to the original content. If you collaborated with another AttackerKB community member, call out their username. Share the spotlight.

Provide an Edit History

You might find it necessary to go back and revise a previous assessment or comment based on new information. For the benefit of the community, call out any changes you make. For example: “Edit: After additional testing…” or “Edit: Added a screenshot.” It not only helps future consumers of your content, but it also helps previous users who might have voted or commented on your content understand what changed.

Vote Based On Quality of Content

We want the security community to feel free to share their own experiences and opinions. Make sure you take an open-minded approach to voting. An assessment or comment you disagree with might still be valuable to others. If you find an assessment or comment relevant and valuable, upvote it. If you believe an assessment or comment doesn’t contribute to the conversation, or violates the AttackerKB Code of Conduct, downvote it.

Don’t Post Information That Isn’t Yours to Share

Share only information you know you have the right to share. Personal stories and experiences are of huge value to the community, as long as they don't hurt anyone else or identify third parties without their consent. Be very cautious about posting any information publicly that might give away current or former employers, specifics that could compromise the confidentiality of company or clients networks, or personally identifiable information that could undermine another community member's privacy.