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Last updated July 31, 2020
The discovered bug occurs due to improper handling of some of the HTTP request headers provided by the client. This could allow an attacker to remotely exploit GateManager to achieve remote code execution without any authentication required. If carried out successfully, such an attack could result in a complete security breach that grants full access to a customer’s internal network, along with the ability to decrypt all traffic that passes through the VPN.
Attacker Value
Very High
Security researchers at Claroty [published details]( on multiple pre-auth remote code execution vulnerabilities affecting virtual private network (VPN) implementations primarily used to provide remote access to operational technology (OT) networks. The vulnerabilities could allow unauthenticated attackers to execute arbitrary code. Individual CVEs referenced in Claroty's research include CVE-2020-14500, CVE-2020-14508, CVE-2020-14510, CVE-2020-14512, CVE-2020-14511, and CVE-2020-14498. Affected products include Secomea GateManager, Moxa EDR-G902/3 industrial VPN servers, and eWon by HMS Networks.