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(2 users assessed)
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CVE-2020-15999 Chrome Freetype 0day

Disclosure Date: November 03, 2020
Exploited in the Wild
Reported by ccondon-r7
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Heap buffer overflow in Freetype in Google Chrome prior to 86.0.4240.111 allowed a remote attacker to potentially exploit heap corruption via a crafted HTML page.

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Technical Analysis

The generally short shelf life of many browser vulnerabilities is offset by their value to attackers—and in some cases very nicely offset. This Chrome 0day arises from a heap buffer overflow in FreeType, a commonly-used open-source font engine. The public availability of patch details significantly improves shelf life calculus for attackers and exploit developers.

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Technical Analysis


On October 20, 2020, Ben Hawkes of Google’s Project Zero warned Chrome users that Google had observed active exploitation of a zero-day in Chrome’s implementation of FreeType, a popular open-source font rendering library. As of October 20, the Chrome team has a new release out that includes a fix for the zero-day vulnerability, which is listed as a heap buffer overflow.

Rapid7 analysis

Like many zero-days, CVE-2020-15999 is an active threat. While Google itself rarely releases in-depth technical information on recent zero-day vulnerabilities in its software, FreeType’s bug tracker and source code are public and include details on the vulnerability’s fix, which greatly simplifies attacker efforts to reverse engineer the zero-day and accelerate exploit development.


Upgrade Google Chrome to the latest stable version (86.0.4240.111) as quickly as possible. See Google’s advisory for further details.

While the zero-day (exploit) disclosed in the advisory is specific to Google Chrome, other FreeType implementations may also be affected by CVE-2020-15999, and FreeType users are strongly advised to upgrade to the latest stable version. See FreeType’s bug tracker for further information.