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Disclosure Date: April 12, 2024 (last updated May 16, 2024)
An Improper Handling of Exceptional Conditions vulnerability in the routing protocol daemon (rpd) of Juniper Networks Junos OS and Junos OS Evolved allows a network-based, unauthenticated attacker to send a specific routing update, causing an rpd core due to memory corruption, leading to a Denial of Service (DoS). This issue can only be triggered when the system is configured for CoS-based forwarding (CBF) with a policy map containing a cos-next-hop-map action (see below). This issue affects: Junos OS: * all versions before 20.4R3-S10, * from 21.2 before 21.2R3-S8, * from 21.3 before 21.3R3, * from 21.4 before 21.4R3, * from 22.1 before 22.1R2; Junos OS Evolved: * all versions before 21.2R3-S8-EVO, * from 21.3 before 21.3R3-EVO, * from 21.4 before 21.4R3-EVO, * from 22.1 before 22.1R2-EVO.