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Disclosure Date: May 01, 2024 (last updated May 01, 2024)
In the Linux kernel, the following vulnerability has been resolved: crypto: qat - resolve race condition during AER recovery During the PCI AER system's error recovery process, the kernel driver may encounter a race condition with freeing the reset_data structure's memory. If the device restart will take more than 10 seconds the function scheduling that restart will exit due to a timeout, and the reset_data structure will be freed. However, this data structure is used for completion notification after the restart is completed, which leads to a UAF bug. This results in a KFENCE bug notice. BUG: KFENCE: use-after-free read in adf_device_reset_worker+0x38/0xa0 [intel_qat] Use-after-free read at 0x00000000bc56fddf (in kfence-#142): adf_device_reset_worker+0x38/0xa0 [intel_qat] process_one_work+0x173/0x340 To resolve this race condition, the memory associated to the container of the work_struct is freed on the worker if the timeout expired, otherwise on the function that sched…