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Disclosure Date: October 14, 2020 (last updated October 07, 2023)
On Juniper Networks Junos OS and Junos OS Evolved devices, BGP session flapping can lead to a routing process daemon (RPD) crash and restart, limiting the attack surface to configured BGP peers. This issue only affects devices with BGP damping in combination with accepted-prefix-limit configuration. When the issue occurs the following messages will appear in the /var/log/messages: rpd[6046]: %DAEMON-4-BGP_PREFIX_THRESH_EXCEEDED: XXXX (External AS x): Configured maximum accepted prefix-limit threshold(1800) exceeded for inet6-unicast nlri: 1984 (instance master) rpd[6046]: %DAEMON-3-BGP_CEASE_PREFIX_LIMIT_EXCEEDED: 2001:x:x:x::2 (External AS x): Shutting down peer due to exceeding configured maximum accepted prefix-limit(2000) for inet6-unicast nlri: 2001 (instance master) rpd[6046]: %DAEMON-4: bgp_rt_maxprefixes_check_common:9284: NOTIFICATION sent to 2001:x:x:x::2 (External AS x): code 6 (Cease) subcode 1 (Maximum Number of Prefixes Reached) AFI: 2 SAFI: 1 prefix limit 2000 kernel: %…