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Disclosure Date: July 16, 2019 (last updated October 06, 2023)
NASA CFITSIO prior to 3.43 is affected by: Buffer Overflow. The impact is: arbitrary code execution. The component is: over 40 source code files were changed. The attack vector is: remote unauthenticated attacker. The fixed version is: 3.43. NOTE: this CVE refers to the issues not covered by CVE-2018-3846, CVE-2018-3847, CVE-2018-3848, and CVE-2018-3849. One example is ftp_status in drvrnet.c mishandling a long string beginning with a '4' character.
Attacker Value


Disclosure Date: April 16, 2018 (last updated November 08, 2023)
In the ffghtb function in NASA CFITSIO 3.42, specially crafted images parsed via the library can cause a stack-based buffer overflow overwriting arbitrary data. An attacker can deliver an FIT image to trigger this vulnerability and potentially gain code execution.