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Disclosure Date: June 09, 2020


(1 user assessed) Moderate
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The affected product lacks proper validation of user-supplied data, which can result in deserialization of untrusted data on the Ignition 8 Gateway (versions prior to 8.0.10) and Ignition 7 Gateway (versions prior to 7.9.14), allowing an attacker to obtain sensitive information.

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Technical Analysis

This vulnerability affects Ignition 7 (prior to v7.9.14) and 8 (prior to v8.0.10), an Integrated Software Platform for SCADA systems to do cross-platform web-based deployment. These versions contain multiple vulnerabilities that, when chained together, can lead to preauth remote code execution with SYSTEM user privileges (advisory).

CVE-2020-10644 is one of these vulnerabilities (see also CVE-2020-12004) and is related to an input validation issue that leads to deserialization of untrusted data. By sending a request to the /system/gateway API endpoint and invoking getDiffs() action with a specially crafted payload, it is possible to bypass the validation routine and execute arbitrary code remotely.

This vulnerability is rated as critical, but to successfully exploit this, this must be chained with the two other vulnerabilities, as explained above and in the advisory. A Metasploit module exploiting these vulnerabilities is available here

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