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Last updated January 10, 2022
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Technical Analysis

Writeup for this vulnerability is rather interesting and I think a few people may have read the Microsoft advisory somewhat incorrectly.

The attack vector for this is listed as local which is odd given this is listed as an RCE vulnerability in the Windows Security Center API.

However looking at Microsoft’s description closer we can see that the Attack Vector value of Local is also applied if the attacker relies on User Interaction by another person to perform actions required to exploit the vulnerability.

Looking further down the assessment we can see the complexity is considered Low, no privileges are required, however User Interaction is marked as Required.

This suggests that it is possible to somehow exploit this vulnerability by either sending the target a request which then opens a prompt that they have to interact with, or by sending them some malicious document which then triggers the vulnerability.

Given this has a high impact on both Confidentiality, Integrity, and Availability I would say this likely gives you pretty high level access should you be able to exploit it successfully.

The patch was likely applied to the wscsvc.dll file given the modification dates and info on the web about how the Windows Security Service works, but I’ll have to do a more in depth analysis to determine what exactly was changed. Hopefully this information is useful for now though.

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